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JT_SMC 2020_Website

Darren Ong

Manager, Singapore Rail Academy,

Land Transport Authority

JT_SMC 2020_Website Experts_V1_puaykeat.

Lim Puay Keat

Engineer, Rolling Stock and Depot Equipment,

Land Transport Authority

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Goh Pin Kai

Vice President

Future Systems & Technology,

SBS Transit

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Kwek Hyen Chee

Director and Head Digital Business Innovation,


JT_SMC 2020_Website

George Sun

Deputy Director, Railway Research & Standards,

Land Transport Authority

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Low Hui Xian

Manager, Active Mobility Group,

Land Transport Authority


Jeffrey Sim

Acting Head of NEL/SPLRT and Head of Rail Development,

SBS Transit

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Axel Tan

Senior Manager,

SMRT Ventures

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Jamie Cheong

Executive Engineer,

Land Transport Authority

Daniel Chow

Vice President

ComfortDelGro Ventures,


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Kelvin Soon

General Manager,

Strides Transportation,


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Melvin Kwek

SGM - Strategy,

Growth & Transformation,

partners & ecosystem
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Alan Hellawell

Venture Partner,

Alpha JWC Ventures

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David Goh

Vice President APAC, PTV Group

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Elvin Too

Vice President, Consumer Digital,


JT_SMC 2020_Website Experts_V1_shaun.png

Shaun Tan

General Manager,

RATP Dev Asia Pacific

JT_SMC 2020_Website

Andrey Berdichevskiy

Future of Mobility Solution Center Director,


JT_SMC 2020_Website Experts_V1_lynette.p

Dr Lynette Cheah

Associate Professor, Engineering Systems,

Singapore University of Technology and Design 

JT_SMC 2020_Website Experts_V1_mark.png

Mark Appleyard

Former Head of Rail Projects,

SBS Transit

JT_SMC 2020_Website

Stuart Thomas

Operations Director,

Tower Transit Singapore

JT_SMC 2020_Website

Andy Thompson

Managing Director,

Go-Ahead Singapore

JT_SMC 2020_Website Experts_V1_edward ta

Edward Tay


Sistema Asia Capital

JT_SMC 2020_Website Experts_V1_paul.png

Paul Valin

Venture Partner Asia,

via iD

JT_SMC 2020_Website Experts_V1_raphael.p

Raphael Ji

Chief Venture Advisor,
China EV100