5 companies selected to proceed to the Incubation Phase of Singapore Mobility Challenge 2022

The Singapore Mobility Challenge 2022 is on its third run and continues the mission of enhancing the public transport system and improving the lives of commuters through the adoption of innovative technologies.

5 companies were selected to proceed to the Incubation Phase, where they will collaborate with expert mentors from LTA, SBST and SMRT to conduct a total of 6 Proof-of-Concept projects. These projects will explore technology solutions with the potential to address the identified challenge statements (see the list below for the matches).

Our finalists will be presenting their project results during the Demo Day happening in January 2023 to compete for cash prizes from a prize pool of SG$30,000 and StartupSG grants of matching amounts.

The five finalists are:

GeoTwin is an advanced computing and research startup that operates a SaaS platform called 'Human-Centred Market Intelligence Platform' powered by GeoTwin's proprietary synthetic population panel with millions of digital identities & no-code social and behavioural simulation capabilities. Their cloud-based research platform is an industry first and dramatically reduces time and cost for analysts, researchers and decision makers.

Challenge Statement: Improved Data Capture Methods for Maintenance Purposes

MyrLabs is a spin-off from A*STAR. They have proven expertise in Computer Science, Advanced Mathematics, Embedded Systems, and Robotics. The MyrLabs team consists of driven and multi-disciplinary engineers dedicated to bringing game-breaking solutions for our partners by innovating at the PCB, firmware, and software levels.

Challenge Statement: Inclusive Wayfinding Experience Within Stations

Vehant is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based Physical Security, Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring & Junction Enforcement Solutions. Vehant’s NuvoScan® Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) is a complete camera system combining hardware and software to scan the undercarriage of vehicles passing through the checkpoints.

Challenge Statement: Early Detection of Bus Undercarriage Defects

Kenzap develops virtual spaces for business owners to deploy in-house business solutions for them to use in their daily operations. Some of the Kenzap solutions include but are not limited to Factory Automation, Document Processing Systems and Stadium Ticketing Solution.

Challenge Statement: Improved Data Capture Methods for Maintenance Purposes

WeavAir offers a continuous data-driven solution composed of plug & play multi-sensor IoT devices. Each device measures 20 different metrics at 95% accuracy. They have set up sensor networks for real estate & mobility applications.

Challenge Statements: Improved Data Capture Methods for Maintenance Purposes, Monitoring Utilisation Rates of Bicycle Parking Facilities

If the PoC projects are proven to be successful, the organisers will continue working with the finalists to see how the solutions can be further implemented.

The Singapore Mobility Challenge is powered by Padang & Co, with sponsorships from AWS Activate, ITS Singapore, SGTech and StartupSG and supported by ecosystem partners from across the globe. For more information, you can visit our website at