singapore mobility challenge 

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An open innovation initiative for technological solutions that can benefit the public transport industry and commuters.


Jointly organised by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA), SBS Transit, SMRT and co-organised by Enterprise Singapore, the Singapore Mobility Challenge aims to address the Land Transport Master Plan 2040 goals.

Over two-thirds of people in Singapore commute daily on buses and trains. The public transport system is hence a part of our everyday lives.


Technology gives us the opportunity not only to innovate and improve the daily lives of commuters, but also optimise the use of resources within this essential public service. There is always room for improvement.


The Singapore Mobility Challenge seeks solutions that can enhance our public transport system by creating a better, safer, more inclusive everyday experience for commuters, and by supporting the workers who keep our public transport system running.


If your startup has such a solution, we want to hear from you!


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Better, More Inclusive Everyday Experience for Commuters

More Efficient, Sustainable Operations

Safer Environment for Pedestrians

We are looking for startups that..
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Come from all parts of the world;

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Already possess a developed product or solution;

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Interested in the public transportation industry;

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Are willing to adapt solutions to Singapore’s needs;


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*Eligibility criteria and conditions apply. Please read factsheet.

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Incubation Period

7 Jul
17 aug

Demo Day

Submission Deadline

Finalist Announcement


Online Info Session

sep – nov
early dec

The timeline may be subjected to changes.

outreach partners
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